GOATcon '21

Play Some Games, Help Some Kids…
Let's Go Around the Table and Do This!

Thanks to our generous participants and sponsors, and our invaluable voluteer GMs and staff…

GOATcon 2021 was a Huge Success!

Total Donations: $8,365

Once again we shattered our own goals!

Thank You!

GOATcon - It's all about the kids

GOATcon (“Go Around the Table Con“) is an annual online gaming conference where RPG players get together to play games and raise money to help children's hospitals in the US and Canada.

Extra Life

For the third year in a row, we are thrilled to be working with Extra Life, raising funds for childredn's hospitals. Join Us to help fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatri medical equipment and charitable care.
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What could be better than playing your favorite RPG while helping out? We'll spend the weekend playing over a dozen games, most streamed live on Twitch. Join our Discord server to sign up for games, meet the GMs, other players, etc.!
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Extra Loot

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, viewers, players and GMs may bid on fabulous prizes, along with in-game benfits and other special items, all to raise funds for kids at a local children's hospital.
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Games Scheduled

Players Registerd

Dollars Donated

See you Next Year!

Extra Life — Play games to change kids' health and change the future

GOATcon is working with Extra Life for the third year in a row. Please join us to help Extra Life meet their Game Day goal.

  • In 2019, GOATcon (then Theriacon) first teamed up with Extra Life and set a goal to raise $1,000. We quickly passed the goal, and increased it to ultimately raise $3,185 – FAR beyond our expectations!
  • In 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we thought it would be difficult to match 2019, but set a goal of $3,000. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our players, GMs and fans, we raised an amazing $6,445.25, placing us in the top 250 fund raisers for Extra Life for 2020.
  • This year, we have a chance to do even more. With the help of our GOATcon 2021 Sponsors and our amazing players and fans, we hope to again smash our goal of $6,000 and help as many kids as possible.
  • You can help! Use the button below to join our Extra Life team and donate to help children in your own community.

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Games — Did someone say Games?

Thanks to our volunteer GMs/DMs we have a full slate of games for GOATcon 2021 weekend. Players will be able to sign up for games on our Discord Server soon!

To get started:
  • Join our Discord Server where you'll be able to interact with other players, GMs, and fans. GMs will communicate with players on the Discord server, providing additional details for creating PCs, etc.
  • Check out our List of Games (more details are available on the Discord server) and be ready to sign up when the signups go live. Games fill quickly!
  • Visit our Extra Life Team Page where players and fans can make donations to get bonuses on attribute roles, get in-game “Cheats” on dice rolls, etc. Be sure to check with your GM to know what options are available as they vary by game!
  • Have fun, and help some kids!

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2021 Game List

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The GOATcon Team

Vegan Guy Dave (Ⓥ Dave)

CEO & Founder

Dave loves to game, wanted to help raise money for children's hospitals, so got the ball rolling to create what is now GOATcon.

Brian (Cmbrian)

CFO & All Around Good Guy

No sooner was the first Theriacon (now GOATcon) announced then Brian jumped in and found sponsors and friends to help out. He continues to amaze the team with new opportunities for sponsorships.

Joe (Fat Dolphin)

Director of Streaming and MVP

Joe organizes and typically runs the Twitch streams for GOATcon games.


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